Brisons Veor – Artist Residency – February 2018

Brisons Veor – Cape of Cornwall.

I arrived for my artist in residence week to hail, sleet, wind and waves! Even the distant Long Ships lighthouse (I later found out I could see Wolf Rock Lighthouse too) became completely dissolved in the drenching low cloud. My journey along dark, busy motorways, over Bodmin with its biblical cloud formations towards howling gales and a sleepless sea – even the radio was playing Smetana’s Vltava which proved a fine accompaniment to the sound of the rolling deep!


Then, after a night of force 10 winds, more hail, sleet and crashing waves the Cape Cornwall morning was all sunshine and breakers. A high tide eagerly rolled in on white crested tops which the sun gilded in bright patches. Weightless foam and spume floated up and over the house towards town, while seagulls on jagged wings climbed and dipped in their multitudes.

Thus was the pattern of weather for my week, like the tides oscillating between extremes, but the elements became as inspiring as the landscape. I wrote, photographed, filmed, recorded sounds and wrote again. I walked the cliffs to the RLNI Watch Tower, saw incredible wildlife, watched the many forms of sea transport pass me by, wandered around old ruins, rock formations and felt their great weight of time upon my shoulders. Always though, night and day the sea was the primary focal point and back ground sound.

Brisons Veor is simply an incredible place which stimulates profound thinking and expression, giving artists space to contemplate and create in a comfortable house within an extraordinary landscape.

I wish to extend to the Trustees of Brisons Veor my sincere thanks for providing a special place where artists of all disciplines can thrive and for allowing me a week within it’s hallowed walls – in hindsight I only wish I’d stayed longer.



You too can help Brisons Veor continue their amazing work and support fellow artists too by becoming a Friend of Brisons Veor for £20 per year (or £30 for a couple or family). This will help us to maintain affordable charges, and even provide bursaries for artists who need additional help – Follow this link – Click Here


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Poetica Vol 1 and Artist in Residence

POETICA VOLUME 1 has arrived!

DSCF6985 (2)
I’m absolutely thrilled to receive my copy of @bymepoetry and @bymepoetica first publication here in #hayonwye (which includes my poem The Weaverbird’s Nest).

The weather may have been cold, dull, grey and misty, but this startling volume of  world wide poetry was like a ray of brilliant laser light cutting through the gloom. Well done to all my fellow poets from all over the planet and to the superb editing skills of Susan Llewellyn and her team. The photo shows the book positioned on the broodingly atmospheric steps of  Hay Castle.


Poetica Vol. 1 – “POETICA is the debut poetry collection by the Instagram global platform, By Me Poetry. This exquisite and thought provoking book features poems, microtales, interviews and prose from 200 of the most talented, popular and exciting new voices on Instagram today.” (228 Pages) It can be purchased via Amazon UK – please click here.

Artist in Residence at Brisons Veor.

brison-veor-home-newIn other news I am excitedly mid-preparation for my residency on the Cape of Cornwall.

My project is to write three poems and collect video and audio footage of the area to work on a poetry film when I get back home. Apart from packing clothes for weather of all eventualities, I’ll be lugging along my camera, tripod and audio equipment plus countless notebooks and my trusted old laptop.

Brison Veor is literally on the edge of the landscape and also on the edge of most telephone networks too. There is not a hint of wifi and so no excuse not to throw myself into a week of reading, writing, walking and absorbing everything this unique place has to offer.

I am extremely grateful to the board of Trustees for affording me this incredible opportunity and hope that they enjoy all my creative efforts.

For more information about Brisons Veor please click here


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Quirk Magazine Vol 9

QUIRK vol. 9 

Delighted to see my poem ‘Calves’ published in the newest edition of this quirky literature publication.

I wrote the poem a few years ago while on a holiday in Bakewell (yes, I love their tarts too).  We were staying on a dairy farm near Monsal Dale and, as luck would have it a beautiful pair of twin calves were born the night before we arrived. My window over-looked the small paddock where they stayed with their Friesian mother. It was one of those blissful rural sights which is always such a joy to remember. 

There are many fine writers in Quirk and if you are in Hay-on-Wye why not grab a copy from The Black Mountain Bindery or @addymanbooks – Just £5.00 per copy and worth every penny!

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Happy New Year 2018

This New Year-page-001

~~**~~ Wishing you all a very happy 2018 ~~**~~

Like the poem says, “it’s going to be simply, the best” 🙂 xxx

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Frost and Fire

Notes from a ramble along the River Wye – 18/12/2017 

DSCF6934.JPGWe are currently living in a post-snow demi-thaw. Over-whelmed by last week’s heavy fall the broken trees and branches now rest upon their torn roots waiting to be collected. They’ll not be wasted,  heating our homes in Christmas fires or to be festooned along with ivy, holly and mistletoe in Yuletide celebrations.

The river Wye lurches fat on Welsh tundra melt-water; brownish green as tarnished copper and babbling full of mountain news in hurried consonants. Sometimes it splutters, throwing up onto its banks the carcass of a well-travelled salmon kelt for hungry crows to marvel at.


A low glaring sun catches the frosted leaves and slowly softens the glassy rime on blades of grass and berries, all the while playful squirrels chase each other in spiralled vortices around oaks and ash.  Sheep huddle and chew, held silent in plumes of steaming breath.

Small birds puffed up like party balloons rummage in undergrowth, while Jackdaws warm their underskirts on top of chimney flues. The castle looks as cold as ever but the town sparkles with colourful Christmas lights, and dazzling shop windows.

These long nights full of stars and wonder, firelight stories, old songs and friends are perhaps the best insulation against the cold. So my advice is don’t rush about ticking off lists and getting knotted with sellotape, just take your time and remember, “A good holiday is one spent among people whose notions of time are vaguer than yours.” –John B. Priestley.



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Donation to Hay-on-Wye Library

Hay-on-Wye Library Donation. 
found me donationAs promised I dropped by Hay Library to deliver our £100 donation. There was no local press, media or fanfare, but it was still a great moment.

To me it’s amazing to deliver on an idea which took me out of so many comfort zones; from my first foray into blackout poetry to being shortlisted and attending the Saboteur Awards in London. At the heart of this project was always the library in Hay, the building and it’s wonderful staff. They are the gel which sticks our community together – a quiet key-stone holding us up.

The rest of the money raised – a further £28 (ish) was given to Melanie today at HOWLS the Hay Library Supporters who are fighting to keep our library open.

Thank you everyone who supported me, from giving me a gentle nudge to keep the momentum going, buying a pamphlet and adding to our coffers or like Hay Festival, for inspiring me in the first place. You really are awesome!

I’ve just received this email from (librarian) Jane.

” Dear Emma

The library manager Jayne Evans is away today, but I am sure she would want me to say a HUGE thank you for the £100 cash donation from your poetry book ‘Found Me’. I am sure she will be in touch when she is back at work, but in the meantime please use this email as confirmation of receipt of your generous donation to the library.

Many thanks and kind regards,


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Good News Arrives Thrice!

My first bit of good news comes in the form of “Mission Accomplished!”

I’m delighted to announce that we have done it! Congratulations everyone! Here is our £100.00 donation for Hay-on-Wye Library which was raised through the sale of my Saboteur Shortlisted poetry pamphlet ‘FOUND ME’. It’s absolutely incredible to be able to support such an amazing local library. We will also be sending the additional donations (which you’ve kindly sent me), on to HOWLs – the Hay-on-Wye Library Supporters. This important group are trying their hardest to keep this library open! I’ll be in Hay in a couple of weeks to hand in our collection. Yay!

It might be raining outside, but the sun is most definitely shining in my heart! 💖
Thank you everyone for your amazing support.

found me library cash

Secondly, some lovely news from Dr Lynn Parr, Editor of The Curlew.

Lynn emailed, “Dear Curlew Contributors,

I thought you would like to know that The Curlew has been accepted into the UK’s National Poetry Library in London’s Southbank Centre!
Apparently, they only accept a few periodicals out of hundreds of applications… but they like The Curlew as a great representation of quality contemporary poetry.
So I would just like to thank you for your contribution in helping to make The Curlew what it is.”

Thank you to Lynn for accepting my Hare In Sight poem for inclusion in this beautiful publication.

“The Curlew is a high-quality periodical dedicated to fine writing about the natural world, drawn from considered thought, not dashed off in haste and chased with regret like most of today’s communications.

In The Curlew  we present ideas, emotions, imaginings – but most of all beauty. We want passion, images that make us smile or shiver, word pictures that stay with us and make us think. In other words, writing that enriches our lives.” The Curlew.

Copies are available direct from
To order your copy CLICK HERE
Each purchase helps endangered species and habitats!

Three for Three – in other news a short story Lantern Lights gained third place in the 2017 Richard Booth prize for Non Fiction. Congratulations to the worthy winners Ange Grunsell and Kerry Hodges, and to everyone who submitted pieces too.

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