Cracking Celtic Crime Noir – Book Review

Remember No More by Jan Newton –  A Majestic Mid-Wales Murder Mystery.

Sometimes, a glorious opportunity falls into your possession that you simply can’t ignore. For me, the most recent arrived in the shape of a weighty, A4 pre-publication manuscript of Jan Newton’s debut crime novel, Remember No More, from Honno Press.

I have to say, it’s been one of the most delicious reads I’ve enjoyed in a long time. I’m no remember-no-mmorestranger to Jan’s prize winning short stories. She has a superb skill at crafting well-paced, intriguing tales and creating memorable characters; you know, that elusive type you either cheer for or find yourself shouting at! I wondered, could Jan weave her storytelling skills over a three hundred page novel….only time would tell.

So, it was very late on a Sunday night when I finally began reading.  I (foolishly) imagined that ten pages would be my tally before sleep would overtake me. I could not have been more wrong. Exhaustion finally halted me at page one hundred and fifty eight! I simply could not put this book down. The following morning, bleary eyed, I immediately pawed the bedside table for the remaining pages. Within hours I’d feasted, and I can tell you, it was good!

Right now I am fighting the urge to spill the beans, to let you know who, what, where and how…..but why should I rob you of this pleasure. Jan has totally succeeded in stepping up from a short story to novel proportions without any loss of stride or charm. She has also given us a detective novel firmly rooted in mid-Wales from someone who knows the subtleties of both location and locals.

“From up on the hill, the cottage looked like a dolls’ house, dwarfed by the steep-sided valley.  She could see Cam just along the lane, and cows, like little figures on a fuzzy-felt board.  Directly beneath her a collection of low farm buildings huddled in the lee of the hill.  That must be Menna’s.  She could hear the whine of a quad bike drifting up the valley.  For the first time she began to realise the significance of each person, each farmstead in this remote landscape.  How many people had lived on her street in Manchester?  How many of them had she met or would even recognise if she met them in the pub or the supermarket?  The quad bike rounded the crest of the hill.  She could see the collie clinging onto the back, the dark-clad figure of Joe, hunched over the handlebars like a kid on a BMX, as though that would make the bike go faster.
As she watched Joe, she thought how conspicuous she must be here, how conspicuous any newcomer must be….” Remember No More, Jan Newton.

I’m not alone in praise of this excellent book “Elegantly written, meticulously paced…A rare treat from a fine storyteller“, Fflur Dafydd, author of The Library Suicides.

Remember No More by Jan Newton 
Paperback – 302 Pages –  Published by Honno Press
ISBN – 978-1909983564 – Price £8.99 (+postage)
Available from 16th March 2017 via Amazon
CLICK HERE to order your copy.

But there’s more:-

Just in case you find yourself ready to click the Amazon ‘pre-order now’ button, hold off for a second. Jan Newton and Honno Press will be launching Remember No More at The Wyeside Arts Centre, Builth Wells on Thursday 16th March, 6pm – everyone is most welcome.

So pop along, grab your copy and get it signed….I have the distinct feeling that D.S. Kite will be back very soon with another crime to solve, and I can’t wait!




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