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FOUND ME :  Blackout Poems
by Emma van Woerkom
**Shortlisted for the Saboteur Award Best Poetry Pamphlet 2017**
A collection of ten blackout poems, including accompanying images ‘re-awakened’ from the Hay Festival programme 2016. Limited Edition of 100 signed and numbered copies, sold in support of keeping Hay-on-Wye public library open and professionally staffed.
Published by Read Fox Books. ISBN:978-0993256455
24 Pages, November 2016 – Price £3.00 (+postage)

Amazon UK – 5.0 out of 5 stars

“This pamphlet is a work of art in ways that reach out before and beyond its own physical construction, and is a must for anyone serious about modern poetry.”
Joy Kenward (Author of the Archibald Fly series, Into The Sun and The Joy of Mindful Writing).

“I found ‘Found Me’ fresh & exciting! Love the visuals of the ‘black out’ process; left facing each poem within this experimental collection of ten, seemingly random, yet magically meaningful poems; have read and re-read on my travels!”
Susan Evans (Performance Poet, Shortlisted 2016 and Longlisted 2017 Best Spoken Word Performer, Saboteur Awards).

“Never lacking in inspiration, she has found yet another medium through which to demonstrate her considerable talent. Here is a unique poet who does not always have to rely on conventional ways of expressing her artistry, as is amply illustrated in her latest publication ‘FOUND ME’….Despite the random selection of unconnected words on which these poems have depended for their creation, they are still thought provoking, entertaining and eminently readable.”
Lynn Trowbridge (Author of A Life Is What You Get and Random Ramblings of a Nonagenarian)

“One of the most creative looking books I’ve seen”.
Josh Dale – founder Thirty West Publishing House.

“So exciting, brilliant cover, intriguing blackout poetry is a revelation”.
Kathryn Alderman (Poet).

***More reviews and comments at the end of this page.***

Order via Amazon – CLICK HERE or email Emma direct. (very limited numbers available)


salt-on-the-wind-for-cover-for-web1-1Salt on the Wind: poems in response to Ruth Stone

edited by Chaucer Cameron and Helen Dewbery
with a Foreward by Bianca Stone
76 pages, 2015  – Price £7.99 + postage

Order via
Click here to order direct


Pick and Mix front cover-page-002

Pick and Mix :
an assortment of new work by the Hay Writers’ Circle

Published – November 14th 2015 by Read Fox Books.
Paperback  – ISBN: 978-0993256424  Price: £5.00
Order –  AMAZON  or
 send a cheque, made payable to Hay Writers’ Circle to  Merbach, Bredwardine, Herefordshire HR3 6DE. Don’t forget to include your address details and £2.80 postage.



 Not Dead Yet :
An anthology of Survivor Poetry

Published by Penhall Publishing USA
  – ISBN: 978-0993256424  Price: £18.00
Order –  AMAZON 




WP_20150213_002 WP_20150213_001 WP_20150213_003


QUIRK Poetry Magazine
The Black Mountains Bindery,
3-4, Oxford Terrace, Hay-on-Wye,
Hereford HR3 5AH       Tel: 01497 821983 £5.00 + P&P



The Broad Sheet

A unique, annual poetry magazine for the South West with a big page and a wider remit.
£4.00 + postage


DSC01470 Beside the Seaside :
10 Poems inspired by the
North Somerset Coastline. 

Written in conjunction with the W.E.A. Beside the Seaside Project 2013 and the Heritage Lottery Fund.




clockmakers dream albumMusic Album – The Clockmaker’s Dream by Rei Legarto

Five poems set to music and a sixth poem, The Clockmaker’s Dream, used on the inside cover art.
“Autumn, windswept and bemused
dresses in golden rags
hiding it’s cache of dying suns
under listless leaf evenings.
In the stagnating lethargy
Frost begins to amass weight
bending me and Water crooked.” ECvW 2011


***FOUND ME by Emma van Woerkom – ADDITIONAL***

During the voting process for the Saboteur Awards 2017 people where given the opportunity to leave anonymous comments about the work they voted for. Even though I didn’t win, (I still feel extremely proud to have been Shortlisted) after the awards ceremony the lovely people at Sabotage Reviews sent me a file containing all the comments for FOUND ME. Thank you to everyone who took the time to write. These wonderful words continue to give this poet such a boost! 🙂

“Brilliant concept – high difficulty – superb result. Also supports local library. Bravo!”

“Because it is clever and beautifully done plus it promotes our local festival and library.”

“Original .. innovative.. witty..Alive with new meaning.”

“Emma van Woerkom’s pamphlet, Found Me, is a pure delight. I love how Emma shares her painstaking process within the pamphlet and how she turns something random into something meaningful. Her presentation is simply stylish. And Emma created this body of work to support her local library.”

“Exciting and different – made me think about how we select and use words.”

“Amazing idea and great poems! Literally finding poems anywhere!”

“For supporting a good cause with good grace. For excellent quality of the poetry, creativity and originality. So imaginative.”

“This was a self-funded and self-marketed initiative. Plus Emma is so very supportive of other poets’ work AND a tireless defender of library closure. Not to mention her social projects through poetry and spoken word.”

“This pamphlet is ambitious, innovative and inspired. Using the Hay Festival programme as the raw material was such a splendid idea. The fact that the pamphlet will also help Hay Library lends a certain irony.”

“Found Me is such an innovative work. It plays with words in such a distinctive way, great idea and surprising results! Stunning poems.”

“Thought provoking and poignant.”

“Wonderful and clever idea, beautifully executed!”

“I was really impressed and enjoyed this! I never heard of blackout poetry before so learned something too. It is unique and fascinating.”

“Fine poetry – Wonderfully creative and inspiring.”

“Completely left-field and shakes your imagination up.”

“”Found Me” is ‘cutting edge’ poetry in several ways! It causes words to depart from their original use on one printed page, spin into thought and land in a new, delicately reassembled form. Here’s verse in strict yet entirely original structure, constrained yet open; audaciously plundering the World’s most famous lit fest programme for this thought-expanding pamphlet.”

“Really unique style that creates wonderful evocative images.”

“Her poems are very relatable her imagery connects the reader to the world around them and it’s obvious that the poems came from a deep place.”

“The poems themselves are fantastic, even if you don’t consider the method used to compose them. Considering they were composed using the black-out technique, they are nothing short of a miracle. That would be enough, but Emma also chose to support a very important cause by publishing the pamphlet, and that also counts on my book.”


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